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In 2004, the founder of IMM Group Mr. Tran Van Tinh had an opportunity to provide investment consultancy services to a Canadian client seeking to establish a representative office in Vietnam. 

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Why IMM Group?

2004, the founder of IMM Group Mr. Tran Van Tinh had an opportunity
to provide investment consultancy services to a Canadian
client seeking to establish a representative office in

This initial exposure enabled him to participate in the growth of
the migration services industry in Vietnam. Mr Tinh established Immigration
Co., Ltd in 2005, which is the pre-cursor of the IMM Group and becomes one of
the pioneers of the migration services industry in Vietnam. Within a span
of 10 years, several other businesses have been developed under the banner of
IMM Group. IMM Group member companies and affiliated firms in Vietnam now
provide international business and tax advisory services, accounting and
financial review, property management services, conference and marketing
services. These business units, together with our flagship business migration
services unit, support our core value proposition of facilitating cross border
investment between Vietnam and overseas. 

At present, IMM Group is located in
7 offices in all over the world, including Vietnam (HCMC, Hanoi, Hai
Phong), Australia (Melbourne), Canada (Frederiction), and USA (Buena Park).
Furthermore, IMM Group possesses a global partnership network in relevant
fields, comprised of laws, education, travel, finance, real estate.

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